Where To Begin

The most common underlying problem with remodeling lies in failing to thoroughly plan your project. Though no one plans to fail, many fail to plan. An experienced Design/Build firm like Swanson Homes can help guide you through the complex process of renovating your home.

First of all, in order to accurately compare bids, you must have a concrete set of plans and specifications. A bid done without clear plans often omits items that you may assume are included. They can also have inadequate allowances on products, which make the bid appear to be a better price, when they will ultimately lead to more money out of your pocket.

Secondly, you need to choose a designer with both design talent and construction experience. Swanson Homes has a wealth of construction and design expertise that will be put to work for you. We will not only show you cost effective design options that you may not have been aware of, but also discuss potential construction concerns. Swanson Homes produces plans that are both beautiful and functional and reflect each homeowner’s individual personality.

How Does This Process Work?

The Initial Contact

A potential client contacts Swanson Homes. At this time we discuss their remodeling needs and the general scope of the project. We then schedule an appointment for an initial meeting.

The First meeting

The first meeting will be at the potential client’s home. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the project in more detail, exchange ideas with the client, evaluate site conditions, and determine the budget. We will gather information needed to develop a design contract (if the client does not have plans for the design) or an estimate if plans are provided. The design contract will be presented at the second meeting if it is determined that Swanson Homes can be of assistance.

The Second Meeting

The design contract will be presented with the scope of the project discussed at the initial meeting. The specifications will be generated during the design phase. If the design contract is acceptable to the client, a design retainer will be paid to begin the design phase. The amount of the design retainer varies with each project, but is generally around 5% of the budget range. If plans were provided by the client, an estimate, detailed specifications, and a construction contract will be presented. Upon signing the construction contract, a deposit is paid to begin construction.

The Design Phase

The objective of the design phase is to produce a set of plans and specifications incorporating the client’s needs and desires. Several design options are presented as we strive to best meet our client’s needs. When a design is selected by the client, it is developed into a complete set of plans and specifications, a detailed budget summary, and a payment schedule. Several other services are provided in the design phase including research of site issues, such as zoning, septic and well location, and variance requirements. Complete measurements of the home are taken if original house plans are not available, and home and renovation plans are entered into computer software in order to aid the design process.

The Construction Phase

The construction phase begins upon signing the contract. Throughout this phase, the client will be kept informed of the progress of the project and deadlines for product selections. We remain attentive to our client’s wishes. Change orders are issued as changes are requested. Swanson Homes and our subcontractors are committed to quality craftsmanship and design. This commitment to the highest standard enables us to insure our client’s dreams become reality.

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